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  2. Facebook – Sign up for PMSS Facebook, the link is on the PMSS Homepage – the information will go onto your own Facebook feed.
  3. Twitter – Follow PMSS on Twitter,  the news will be tweeted to your Twitter account.
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  6. Teacher, Sport, Department Websites – Check this site and the school site for links to websites that matter to you this year.  Bookmark them so that you know what is going on with your child.

British Columbia Education Leadership Council – This appears to be the new education direction that the province will be taking.  It is full of amazing and well known resources, as current as Waiting for Superman, a movie released Fall 2010.

Learn Now BC Parent Resource Pages

SOLOS Online Outreach – SOLOS provides the knowledge and tools to help keep youth safe online. Information and resources for parents, youth and professionals. This is a B.C. program.

B.C. Ministry of Education


Canadian Parents for French

BC Government Newsroom – dozens of links to provincial government information.

BC Emergency Info Page


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