2013-2014 Blog Posts

PAC Meetings were blogged, in real time, this year.  Links to speakers and websites were added as the meeting progressed, if available.

In this way, parents and guardians have the option to stay connected and perhaps be inspired to attend a meeting.

Blog posts reflect the real discussion and meeting flow (Unless something confidential comes up).  It is hoped more parents feel inspired to attend, seeing that the room and discussion is comfortable and informative!

School Starts September 3rd!

Pay 2013-14 School Fees & Forms Online – Check the school site for the link & your mailbox for your code!  This is the Portal we have been hearing about!!

The Secret To Success At School – The Interview – Macleans.ca (Brian Bethune, August 19, 2013) The right questions to ask about a school…it isn’t in having the latest gadgets and updated interiors/exteriors.  Why does it seem like School Teams get more hype than basic skills??

September 2013 PAC Meeting

  1. Scroll down to see information on the Alfie Kohn presentation for parents, in orange.
  2. External Course Credit link is in blue, below (getting credits for dance, cadets, etc, etc, etc)
  3. Many questions asked at the meeting, are discussed elsewhere on this site, as similar questions are asked each year.  Click around and check it out.

First PAC Meeting of the Year!!

in the

School Library

(2nd Floor, enter school by office, turn left & go upstairs)

6:30 p.m.

We have a new Principal, lots happening in the school, other issues …. there will be lots to discuss!!

See you there!!

October 7th Meeting in Multi-Purpose Room @ 6:30 p.m.


Mike Keenan, Principal:

  • Will set up PAC Meeting speakers until Christmas, see what comes up by then. Feedback from parents is appreciated and welcomed.
  • Talking to Grade 12’s this week.
  • Lots of spirit right away @ PMSS. Friendly, polite students, outgoing, talking to Principal.
  • First week was awesome.  He knows many of the teachers already.  Unique culture in our school.
  • Likes to address school and staff on PA, will be using it more. Firstly on Friday afternoon, end of day.
  • Celebrate and promote what is happening in the school.
  • There was a problem with getting kids processed on first day of school, will be working on a smoother process for next year. Lots of ideas for this!
  • Student Schedules: Overcrowded class are being worked on, be patient, it will be settled shortly. This is partially due to staffing formulas, declining enrollment, and similar issues.  Ms Fuhrman is in charge of scheduling.
  • Jobs have been posted for classes with no set teacher, had to wait to ensure classes were full.
  • Beautification, one of older schools:
  1. New Equipment in multi-purpose room, want to spruce of flat screens, used for studies, soft music playing.
  2. Social areas: public hallway areas where students can work…halls don’t have to be empty…need furniture, bisto tables, tall chairs, etc.
  3. Courtyard looks neglected, met with leadership class to oversee that.
  4. Front of school, two page list of jobs to clean it up, weeds, trees, windows,
  5. Noticed lockers!!!  They will slowly get fixed!!! 🙂
  • Things that Mr. Keenen requests:
  1. No hat for school hours, at night wear what you want,
  2. Cell phones in classrooms: carry one, but used them properly, no texting in class, but follow direction of teacher for learning.  If cell phone comes to office, parent must pick it up.
  3. Tries to be fair about it, same policy for all.
  4. School Culture: We Day (Mr. Keenan will be going),
  5. Teaching and Learning is the most important and a focus of Mr. Keenan.  Tradition is fine, but we have to be innovative, keep kids engaged, especially in schools with 80 minute classes.  Has been in lots of classrooms sees great things happening.
  • Flooding last week, several rooms, staff rallied together and saved a potentially bad situation.
  • Contract news is being dealt with: K-9 curriculum, provincial assessment, grad program 10-12, distributed learning, aboriginal ed, skills & trades, special needs, report cards, …
  • Budget: Learning Improvement Fund – distributed twice each year, to deal with scheduling challenges
  • School Planning Council – 3-4 times each year, to discuss funding, overview to PAC
  • District information on Immersion: nothing yet.  Quality of Programs?  Start at school level.
  • Keith Hawkins – International speaker, going to all schools.  Ran session for summer Admin session.  October 1st.  Similar, but different than Phil Boyte
  • Library Commons – didn’t happen yet.  Director of Instruction: 6 schools must discuss to hold on and coordinate at the district level.
  • Grad Date: Jen Fuhrman is contact.  Wednesday, and monthly, meet with Grads.
  • Awards Night on September 26th AND daytime on Friday for students.

Mr. Levesque:

  • Course changes ends soon, then course dropping.
  • New staff members, counsellor (Kathy L’Abbe – Gr. 9, 11),
  • Autodialer is malfunctioning, will be investigating.
  • Videos, pictures of what he is seeing – Form to be signed.
  • Next meeting in Multi-Purpose Room so Mr. Levesque can show what is happening there.


  • Looking for volunteers, already, for Staff Appreciation at Christmas and Year-End…..anyone???
  • PITT 100 Meeting @ PMSS: Citizens of the Century, Kids have say in what PM means to them
  • September 23, Thomas Haney 5:00-7:00 p.m.: Alfie Kohn Parent Presentation – 800 tickets for district, they are free, but register at the website under ‘in-district’. Ticket will come to your email address.  VERY SIMPLE.
  1. This presenter has actually made it to the Oprah Show twice.  He has some opinions on things that may be controversial, but are currently in the news: Too Much Homework, Rewards/Stickers, Assessment, Progressive Education over Traditional, …
  2. BIO
  3. Parent Presentation Topics – scroll down on this page
  • Credits for extended/extensive extra-curricular activities – Penny Griffin will attend to discuss.  BC Gov Site for External Course Credits
  • Self-Reported Physical Activity –
  • Collaboration Time – School will still be open for students to come at regular school times and a place to work or meet with friends.
  • Students may leave the property during spare/study breaks.

 October PAC Meeting



NOTES from Tonight’s Meeting:

  • Gaming Grant has come in.
  • Teacher Magazine is on the right column.  Feel free to click it and read!
  • PMSS Sign Update:  the company will be coming by to review suggestions.  Deficiencies have been documented.
  • Money has been re-assigned to Mr. Lemmen for ChromeBooks.
  • Guest Speakers, Jen Furhmann, Penny Griffin, Technology Presentation (Gr 8 Teachers) take us to the end of the year. See Meeting Page.
  • Teacher Wish Lists are happening right now until Monday, October 14.  Please get information into Mr. Keenan, so that we can assign our PAC Gaming Funds.
  • Principal’s Report
  1. Province Article Guide For Parents on Studying to Succeed,  Specific StrategiesSmart Start to School.  I will add more topics, if I can track them down.
  2. School Planning, right before PAC Meeting, Nov 4.
  3. Library Commons Update, nicer furniture coming, some pedagogical District discussions still happening.
  4. Grad Planning, hosted first well-attended meeting, great kids, parents have met. Committee process changed, this year application forms to open to all, need two supports from students and teachers, write a paragraph, etc.  Given to Grade 12’s at assembly. Committee formed and they will decide positions. Twelve kids signed up, very organized group.
  5. This Friday, 2-3 Golden Ticket Barbecues, all staff given tickets to give to students to recognize for being good kids. About 100 kids.
  6. Student Council coming, discussed at assembly.  AND Student Senate, 12 students from each grade, give feedback to Mr. Keenan 3 times each year.
  7. French Immersion Program discussion going on this year, from elementary to high school, including students and parents.  If you have feedback, please send this to Mr. Keenan.
  8. Technology – Updating screens around the school, so things are displayed in hallways.
  9. Collaboration Day – well organized, productive sessions, info collected, for sharing practice not other work.
  10. Last few weeks: Terry Fox Run, Keith Hawkins – kids enjoyed this, feedback went home; sports award rally.
  11. Learning Improvement Fund (LIF) Application – getting more resources for classroom to meet requirements. LIF refers to make-up of students in classroom.  All teachers could present concerns or requests, to assist in meeting student/classroom needs.  Proposal goes to District Office and results have come back.  We have all the resources we will get, but everything is now set. Lots of online learning to give students flexibility.
  12. Two Leadership Classes – Every second Wednesday clean up around the school.
  13. Two nagging issues – Friday Night Football will be charging admission, money goes back to football.  No bags, screening gate, come to watch and enjoy game, not party.
  14. Grad Events – Struggling with all the Grad Events.  We need to formally stop all the events, such as Prom, or there will be no Banquet in future years.  The financial aspect alone, is astronomical!!!
  • Guest Speaker – Jenn Furhmann – School Growth Planning
  1. Started with Mr. Dickson and teachers, during staff meetings,  what is good student engagement?  Innovation?  Being Connected with Students?  Community with Students?
  2. From this created a growth plan. Marshmallow/Spaghetti Project.  Need to look at structure/practice in the classroom.  How does the structure affect connections.  Lesson Plans, tests, practice time….
  3. How to benefit / collaborate with each other, in the school.
  4. Student & Parent & Teacher input
  5. Growth Plan is a Living Document, must have constant input, changes with everyone/everything involved, and collectively find common ideas.
  6. PMSS Growth Plan ONLINE – TBA
  7. Educational Judgement Article
  1. INQUIRY PROGRAM – Carrying over Elementary to Secondary.
  2. Laptops provided at Elementary, not at Secondary level.  Trying to get more laptops here.  Some schools have lots of kids bringing laptops.
  3. Wanting to continue Inquiry in Grade 9/10.  Ms. Brema currently teaching Gr9’s.  Have 15 laptops on a cart. Ms. Sheppard tying in French Immersion group, too.  We have a mix of Mac’s and PC’s.
  4. 70 students in First Nations.  Ms. Brema teaches this. Utilizing technology.
  • Everything goes back to Growth Plan, monthly.

Some Questions and Answers, will update shortly.

  • Phone system @ PITT is being completely replaced, currently.
  • Office staff has been sick, District policy states must be sick two days before replacement brought in. 
  • School Sport Fees, go back into program.  Next year an additional $25 Admin Fee, for every athletic team participant, was discussed at District level.  Will help cover costs of TOC when teacher/coach misses class time, referees, etc.


Every single school parent/guardian is welcome to attend!  Please come!!

Meeting starts @ 6:30 p.m. (Get there when you can!!J)

This month, we are in the Library, 2nd Floor

Please, check back for Guest Speaker and possible discussion topics, along with any updates.

  • Mr. Levesque is going to show us some of the multi-media options in the MPR. 
  • We will definitely be discussing the sign in front of the school and looking for updates on the LearningCommons/Library

We have lots of room in the MPR!  Tell a friend, bring a friend, push/pull/drag a friend….

 Alfie Kohn Presentation Notes

More than HALF of HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS are using tobacco products….Cigarette companies tiptoe around federal legislation

Here are PARENT NOTES from the School District 42 Parent Presentation by Alfie Kohn, on Monday, September 23.  

  • They will be posted long term under What’s Up
  • I am also mid-way through reviewing two Alfie Kohn DVD’s that will be posted on Books and the What’s Up page.  

School District staff, administrators, and teachers spent the ProD day with Alfie Kohn, so the ‘radical’ concepts are something of great interest in this district.  It is really important for parents to be knowledgable about what is happening!

  • You may, or may not know, that local elementary schools have the option of not offering marks and grades this school year.  Should we do that at the high school level??
  • It is easy to say ‘absolutely not’ until you look at the information presented. Did you know that there is no published study that shows that marks, grades, rewards, awards, incentives, homework, or similar, have been shown to improve academic or work outcomes??? And in most cases these have been shown to stifle success….  
  • OR, that you don’t need marks to get into colleges?
  • Some of it seems so controversial, yet other parts make your parenting ‘spidey senses’ tingle….deep within, you already ‘knew’ some of this!

Check it out!!

November PAC Meeting

BC Transforming Curriculum & Assessment site – have your say

Meetings start @ 6:30 p.m. in the Library

Special Guest: Penny Griffin will be talking about some of the things below.  She is a wealth of information for your teen’s graduation and beyond….

  • Grade 12 Academic Advisor
  • Work Experience Coordinator
  • PMSS Career Centre Website Newsletters, PostSecondary Info, Scholarship Info, Volunteer & Work Experience Opportunities, SAT Info, Apprenticeship Info, District Partnership Info 
  • Trying to continue the great program that Gerri Willms set up.
  • Chatter High: free website, competition for students, quizzes expose students to careers/post secondary/-makes kids research. Last year we won $1500, money went into students and staff scholarship.  About 100 kids apply, but only 25 might win, ($250 to 8 different students), right now we are in 7th place, goes until Nov 15th.  Done on a ratio of school population. www.ChatterHigh.com

Work Experience

  • students with interests see Ms Griffin, to find a placement.  Our school has evolved into community volunteers for remembrance day, terry fox run, community events, instead of actual job placements. Gives the students opportunities to have community leadership on their resume, college applications.
  • Start in Planning 10, can work during class time, such as at elementary school or elsewhere. This year there are more placements that kids available. Gets their 30 hours that the need for Graduation.

Grade 11 Course Selection – coming soon!

Grad Transitions – PMSS Career Centre Site

  • Update resumes
  • Finding career, parents need to help, students are unrealistic.  Kids are opposed to applying to ‘college’.  Think it needs to be SFU or UBC.  Need high GPA.  Encourage to start lower.  Less cost, can transfer in 3rd year, [link to Malcolm Gladwell concept Science/University].-from BusinessInsider
  • Jobs are in trades, difficult to get kids to think like this.  We have a Partnership Program including: culinary arts, electrical, carpentry, welding, hairdressing, etc…TOTALLY FREE TUITION!!! ($2500 savings)  Applications with Ms. Griffin.
  • Post Secondary Night – Successful, will repeat n  MRSS- Nov 27th presentations in many occupations.
  • Scholarship Link on Ms Griffin’s site.

We always hear the latest news from Administration.

Principal – Mike Keenan

  • Proud of Social Justice class at WeDay, good cause, will come back and do fundraising for this organization.  Student won trip to Equador with 3 friends and one district supervisor
  • Past week, spirit week activities, leadership students doing a tremendous job. Culture of school is very important
  • District Superintendent, Jan Unwin is retiring.  Process will start to hire someone.
  • District is revising Provincial Curriculum K-12 (K-9 currently available for your feedback on this page).
  1. Fewer learning outcomes for each course
  2. Deeper commitment to global, project base initiatives; instead of rote memory facts…we don’t need to memorize what is at our fingertips in this century.
  3. May change the models of schools inside, how we educate kids, etc.
  • Students Grade 10-12: Major undertaking to revise Grad Program for 2015.  Will be ready for this years Grade 8’s, at that time. This could be a radical departure from how things currently look.  Maybe more inclusive of trades, or one or two key academics studied for more credit, … ??? Who knows…
  • 17-18% of grads go into University  60% go into Post-Secondary of some type.
  • School Newsletters are emailed to parents or are on website.  Sign up if you haven’t already!
  • Term 1 ends in 4 weeks.  Report Cards are December 14th. Won’t be using mail system, they will come by email by next year.
  • Report Cards changes are happening in the district.  Is there a better way than 3 reports each year?
  • Alberta is ahead of us, in some ways, innovative, far reaching.  Many of our ideas come from there.
  • Student Senate has been selected by staff.  Meet on Wednesday at lunch.  Advisory group.  Will talk about 80 minute classes alternatives, timetables being discussed at district, and other topics
  • Student Council, Leadership doing so much, maybe do it next September, as so much is already happening.
  • FridayNightFootball – made $800, still busy, food bank donations.  Still Babysitting teens.  Revisiting next year.  Talk to Parks&Leisure to be involved, or PMSS students only.
  • Newspaper story discussed, see Mr. Keenan if you have anything to discuss.
  • Hat Issue: not during class, but in school?  On grounds?  Can wear it outside!!!  Not inside!!!

Vice Principal – Tom Levesque

  • October 17 – PM Council held a meeting and open forum in MPR.  Opportunity to see city government, witness meeting, ask questions, etc.
  • Athletics – both JV and Varsity have made playoffs in football.
  • 3-way conferencing/Student-Led Conferencing successful.  Looking at reviewing process, other schools doing other ideas. i.e.:  Parents could pre-book times.  Nothing will be perfect, MRSS used Google Docs for sign up, we also have Parent Portal that might be able to coordinate this.  Tone to move traffic.  If teacher not available on that day, you know ahead of time, and can set up meeting.
  • Collaboration Date: successful.  District AbEd, other topics going on.
  • Upcoming: Tuesday, Author coming in, to link to book students are reading in Gr 8/9
  • Upcoming: Wednesday: Take your kid to work day for Grade 9’s
  • Upcoming: Thursday: Remembrance Day Ceremony, 9 am will have more room for parents who might want to attend.  Happening in Multi-Purpose Room this year, organizing through Drama.  Dance performance, multi-media K-12 students, Guest Speaker.
  • Upcoming: going to RCMP & YouthCare Worker meeting to discuss issues in building and community.

– See Teacher Magazine in right side column.

Gaming Funds are in for $19,240.00

  • Last year, interactive unit purchased (Kraus), we received older version, will return to purchase an Apple Computer for after-school photo club.
  • This years funds have been distributed to 17 different areas of the school totalling $23,850.00. To be used by May 1st, to clean up the budget for year end.


Much, much more!! HERE IS THE AGENDA

New Info on this Webpage

  • Check LINKS on right column for Mr. Keenan’s Website, Partnership for a Drug Free Canada, and many other interesting parent links.  
  • check back

December PAC Meeting

Last meeting there were some discussions about Post-Secondary Planning.  Take a look at the Reality Check page for things, outside of education, that are occurring on our campuses.  

NEW: Aboriginal Education SD42 Site is now online!!!  Check the links on the right column>>>>>

Live Blog from PAC Meeting (will appear below):

Guest Speakers: Lance Kraus, Tim Dilley, Jenna-Lee Shepherd

TOPIC: Technology @ PITT

Tom Levesque:

  • How does technology power what you do in the classroom?
  • Inventory: Draft Vision Plan available, living document, informal conversations with District as a comparison with other secondary schools.  We are behind in high-end labs, mobile pieces.
  • Pedagogy (how used): Inquiry 8 Pod, Humanities 9, Art (Digital media and cameras), Viking Productions/IT, Special Education, integration into every classroom in meaningful ways.
  • planning for the futureYear 1 Plan – ShawTV install cable into MPR/Foyer, integrate into MPR Projector, hallway TV system for January (when guests walk in they see what happens in our school), increase inquiry-based learning/laptop accessibility from grade 8-9. Year 3: Grow IT classes into a program supported by sufficient lab, increase pedagogical fluency in classroom, BYOD (bring your own device) supported by staff. Year 5: Sustain IT Program, develop IT courses towards post secondary, possibly a Microsoft Academy partnership, majority of courses have tech component.

Lance Krause

  • ‘Shift Happens’ or ‘Did You Know’ -watch on YouTube
  • Fine Arts: every classroom is different: smart phones, iPads, laptops.
  • Inquiry-Based: textbooks are not current with maps, etc.
  • Painting: ‘macro’ allows students to see parts of drawing more closely.
  • International Students – feel at par with our students using technology.
  • Vision for Future: [Includes students view of what they need to be successful] equal opportunity for all students, prep for post-secondary, FineArts Night, Kaleidescope of Arts, promote student talents & school’s culture, continue elementary school level of technology.
  • Most fine art schools rely on Mac platforms, we need this technology here.
  • Our computers don’t have enough memory to do photoshop, editing process, final cut pro.  Our softwear isn’t enough to send high quality art to post-secondary for applications.
  • We don’t need a big lab, 5-6 to share is good for a class.  Most kids coming into senior art come with a Mac.
  • Introduce anime and manga courses, with ability to have artwork come to life, via video/digital.
  • Designated room with supplies to operate as a green room or production room. i.e. Coquitlam school does team, individual yearbook photos.

Tim Dilley (with input from Rhondalee Brema)

  • Utilizing Technology in the Classroom:  ‘check my mark’, ‘edmodo’ use as a digital backpack for students, podcasts, comic life, iMovie, google docs, smartphones/bring your own device.
  • Edmodo – form of a class blog, can add different teachers, use in collaborations with teachers who share class, can upload assignments,  students can work while on vacation or away for other reasons, parents can sign on and see what is happening, collaborative tool-kids can ask questions on the page, or answer questions on the page as opposed to speaking in class ‘speaking virtually’,
  • Class Blog: virtual assignments: virtual portfolio, free websites, add completed assignments for any class…all totally free.
  • GoogleDocs: mass collaboration, i.e. 60 kids working together on one document
  • Inquiry: student gets blank template and can finish work, email back to teacher.
  • Self Assessment Tools: evaluation forms, etc.
  • Technology is a phenomenal tool, when used at the right time and place.  Teens know a lot, but can’t do some of the things like attaching document, learning about GoogleDocs, etc.  It is one tool, students may also use other ways of presenting topics. Will be great to carry it into senior grades.
  • ? students losing social skills with so much technology: Teachers are looking to balance technology and social speaking.  Teachers do ‘screens down’.

Jenna-Lee Shepherd – 3 years SmartBoard experience

  • We went on a field trip to Ms. Shepherds classroom to see her SmartBoard in action!!
  • Smart Board: white board and computer in one.
  1. Use with ESL classes every day and with FI & FSL classes as other teachers have explained.  Touching the SmartBoard is enough to get kids motivated to actively learn.  Makes learning a game. SmartBoard program displayed is available online.
  2. Use as regular computer.  Availability of Internet and use Pen to highlight important parts, as all students do not have a computer, but can see the SmartBoard.  Everything can be saved, as opposed to a WhiteBoard where it must be erased for the next class.
  3. Check My Mark & Classroom Blog.  Blog divided by Block, all information is online, so no excuse if class is missed or student loses materials. Videos can be rewatched at home, assignments submitted at midnight, frees students to use information in a way that works for them.
  • More and more teachers are using websites.  Parents can log on with permission and password.
  • Cost $2300 – $4700, plus installation for each SmartBoard.
  • SmartBoards are a lot of work, so it must come from Teacher initiative to program digital lessons into classroom.
  • How to make tax free Donations to PMSS: SD42 Yes Fund

Treasurer: Teachers have been spending their money, so far $10,000.00

Chair Report:

  • Thank you notes for money from teachers and students.
  • Staff Scholarship Christmas Raffle.
  • Teacher Appreciation for Christmas, something lighter for now, larger lunch at end of year.  Thursday, December 19th. Accepting all donations to PAC Chair, Connie.


Mike Keenan

  • Sign Update: Visit with SignPro, discussed concerns.
  1. Hidden hinges replaced, not functional ones on the outside, which are hard to replace as they will all weather.
  2. Digital quotes coming.
  3. Painting was done on upper, inside part, not entire case.  Scraped of rust and finished properly.
  4. Electrical was all pulled and replaced.
  5. Sign letters are done by students.
  6. Document will be copied for further discussions on the aesthetics of quote vs current condition of the sign.
  • Report Cards: December 13.  Term 1 is over.  Report Card is currently being debated, it is a snapshot in time as of November 29.
  • Seasonal Updates: Applied Skills and Fine Arts hosting FineArtsNight on December 17.  Demonstrations and performances.
  • Open House: January 30.  Coincides with Grade7Evening.  Ms Fuhrmann overseeing.  Department Heads have met on issue.  Celebrate our school.  Will be brought up at Thursday’s staff meeting. Open to Pitt Meadows Community and any others interested.
  • TimeTable Discussions – 5 chunks of time each day, 60 minute chunks, with look towards new graduation program, ….  All discussions at this point.
  • PME Immersion Classes on Tuesday in Grade 6 & 7.  Mr. Keenan, Mme Brown, Mme Shepherd will take pictures to see what is actually happening at Elementary to see how we can apply this information at Secondary.

Tom Levesque

  • Whistler on Dec 19: Ski & Snowboard Club.  Carla Dearman is overseeing this.
  • Grade 8 Fieldtrip on December 17: Movie.
  • December Collaboration Day is this Friday.
  • Tuesday morning three-way conferencing revamping with scheduling system.  Information will be available on the January PAC Meeting on this.
  • ? Too much colouring at high school.
  • ?Newspaper Ad for TopStudents – Top students are listed by General Office for honours and work habits.  May put on in-school television network.  Not allowed to recruit in District, so no advertising from December to March, to create a fair playing field for all schools.  No packages, paper, gift bags, … No newspaper ads advertising schools after Christmas.

Next meeting: Monday, January 6 in Library

 January PAC Meeting

The first PAC meeting of 2014

is on Monday, January 6th

@ 6:30 pm

in the Library, 2nd floor

  • Administration will be presenting several points of interest, that most students will hear about at school on Monday.

See You There!!

Administration –

  • Recommend to move January meeting to the 2nd Monday for 2015.
  • Grade Assemblies this morning, 8-9, 10-11.
  • Video 7 mins/47 min video shown.  (CBC DocZone-Generation Jobless)  CBC Program, regarding kids transitioning from school to post-secondary
  1. By 2030 there will be a transition in work-world and we are not educating students for the jobs that will be available.
  2. This will have a big effect on the Canadian economy.
  3. Youth unemployment is double that of general population @ 15%.  Employed young adults are under-employed, working jobs that could be seen as dead-end and not using their educational background.
  4. ‘Education Inflation’ everyone has a degree…but does it mean anything.  Degree is worth less; debt for education is increasing, averaging $27,000/student.  
  5. Parents are putting pressure on kids to go to university.  Trades are high end jobs.
  6. Watch the video link, above, for more information.
  • January 13 & 14: C’est Un Honneur! – It’s An Honor! – Big Truck Travelling Exhibit coming to PITT.  AND IT WILL BE MASSIVE!!!  Students will be able to view the trucks in 20 minute periods.  It will be available after school too until approximately 4:00pm.
  • Monday, January 13: Lieutenant Governor of BC, The Honourable Judith Guichon will be visiting PMSS on Monday, January 13.  Grade 11’s will attend the Multi-Purpose Room to present and interact with students.
  • December 19- Ski and Snowboard Club Trip to Blackcomb.
  • January 15-Pep Rally for AirShow
  • Jan 30-Grade 7 Info Night and General Open House, possibly teachers hosting classes at night so community gets an authentic look at what happens @ PMSS.  This night works with the elementary schools!
  • February- Course Selection process begins.  Students are requested to choose courses now, that they will commit to in September.  Dropping courses after this time causes our school to lose money, teachers to lose jobs, and is very disruptive The open house will help to see what the courses will look like.  There will be a couple times in the spring to review choices.  Parents, please discuss course selections with your students. Declare study blocks in February, so the year may be planned appropriately. (this process goes on from December to October each year, and starts again!)
  • Grad Rate report, Ministry ‘first time grad @ PITT = 95%’.  If a student transfers out of district, they don’t count as graduated…
  • Furniture now coming into PITT.  ShawCable was in over Christmas.  Round tables, Big TV, making the environment more comfortable.  Library Commons Committee has looked at Surrey LC’s, having ongoing discussions…but our couches are coming in. 
  • French Immersion 360 Review, date is not yet set, all current FI students parents @ PMSS and Gr 6 & 7 @ PME will meet and discuss thoughts with FI.  We want to build on what is happening at PME. 
  • Paying it forward, doing random acts of kindness, 
  • Mr. Keenan’s impressions so far is that PMSS has
  1. a very friendly student body, cooperative, polite students,
  2. Academic success is impressive,
  3. developing social conscience,
  4. very well-established programs,
  5. students have been reasonably ‘accepting’ of change, even if they don’t like it. 
  •   Academic Achievement
  1. 63% of grade eights have honour roll status.
  2. Almost half the kids in the school are honour roll. 
  • Grad Program is under review for September 2015 – Predicting MAJOR changes.
  • PMSS Timetable is under review. 80 minute classes are too long!  Can’t go back to how it was (5×8 timetable)  
  • Study blocks
  • Dropping courses
  • Last week of June – Continued Learning Week / I-Week – With Provincials slowing down, must use educational time.  Students with good work ethics, can attempt to improve course outcome, bring up grade level whether just below passing or wanting to move up a mark, (by a very small percentage).  
  • TOC’s are guests, students must be respectful.
  • 10 Week Plunge – from now to Spring Break, can be difficult (cold, dark, …)  We are in this together, set your sights on 10 weeks from now, push through, …
  • Term 2 is crucial for Grade 12’s, in trouble.  
  • PE classes – kids are leaving class early.  Must stay in class until tone goes. 
  • ? Summer Course Registration – SD 42 only offers remedial for Grade 8, 9.  District gets less money for students in summer classes, then there is less funding for schools & district. 

Old Business

  • Dec 18- Teacher’s Christmas goodies went well.
  • Sign: No news! No changes.  Work miscommunicated, but sign does function.

New Business

  • If anyone is interested in taking minutes for the next PAC meeting, please let us know or just show up!


  • Summary presented.

Open Forum

  • Air Circulation
  • No Winter Formal @ PMSS
  • Parent Portal glitchy for Yearbook. All field trips is to go through the portal for payment.
  • Security in early morning – all exits and some other areas have cameras, custodian on duty, some classes running, …


February PAC Meeting

Guest Speakers: 

  • Mr. Mikes


  • A video of projects was shown, that is trapped on Mr. Mike’s computer.  Once it can be shared, a link will be provided!  We do beautiful Wood Work products @ PITT!!

FlyFishing Club

  • Starts up next week with Gr9s-12s enrolled
  • Bought a rod and reel with PAC funds

photo 2

PITT Weight Room:  Lots of equipment added with funds from PAC

  • ChinUp Rack
  • Bands
  • Rolling Rack for weights
  • Kettle Bells
  • Free Weights
  • Stationary Weight Rack
  • Power Rack
  • 700lb Bar
  • Easy Curl Bar
  • 5 Skipping Ropes
  • Plates
  • Company: Great Life Fitness, Surrey – Have been a great Company to work with!!

photo 3

  1. Mr. Mikes has stared his Woodshop Rule: ‘Everything Has A Place’.  It seems to be working as gym was spotless when we arrived.
  2. Equipment keeps moving to find the best layout for the equipment.
  3. Using Student Self-Assessment Wednesdays to get teens to be accountable for their work.
  4. There are a few girls enrolled in FitCon/Using Gym.

Mr. Rocca:

  • No new classes to implement this year!!!  There have been new programs since the implementation in 2010 of the current Math Program.
  • Math Dept will be using May ProD and 2 days in June to review outcomes in one grade, against what is taught in previous grade, to make sure we are having learning success.
  • Math Department is trying different delivery methods to teach Math, to help foster a positive attitude on Mathematics.
  • Math District Dept Heads met to discuss future changes to the Math curriculum.
  • Mr Rocca and SRT piloting a new Online Math Platform:  MathHelpServices website
  1. Already implemented in Ontario and Quebec with increased results.
  2. Starting this year with Mr. Rocca’s Gr10 students, will implement for all Gr 10’s, with eventual opportunities for all grades.
  3. Program has online access for every video lesson for each unit of Gr10 Math Curriculum.
  4. Databank for assignments, tests, marking, provincial exam questions, downloadable workbook, lessons for past and future years, etc.
  5. When students make an error, a video review will attach to the wrong response.
  6. Homework block assigned by Teacher will be highlighted daily for students for one week.  If not complete, parents and teacher will be notified.
  7. Teacher can view results, attendance, etc.
  8. Students can investigate concepts in advance, reviewing material learned in past year. Less class time used for review.
  9. Students who want to do rewrites can focus and re-write the problem area, not the whole exam.
  10. I-Week students will use this system to focus their study.
  11. Small annual fee of $15/student.  Pilot is free.
  12. Currently in BC Textbooks: May not publish material that is not an actual learning outcome, therefore, even if new concept relies on a previously learned concept (which perhaps was learned in Grade 7 but expanded in Grade 10), it can’t be in the textbook.
  13. Question: Opportunities for tutoring or help others who need tutoring
  • Mr Rocca runs a Homework Club at lunch in his classroom where there are student teachers that he oversees.
  • PITT has had 28 Math Tutorials each week, for years!  Every teacher offers different options.  Check with your teacher for information.

Chairperson & Executive

  • February 4th: Coquitlam Safe Schools Task Force hosting event for all.  Kevin Cameron will speak on Risk & Threat Assessment.
  • Applied for different gaming license for DryGrad license to be able to offer larger prize and ticket sales (D-License: prizes under $500, $2tickets; B-License to cover Cruise Trip prize and $10 tickets).  Money will go into PAC account to coordinate with DryGrad and be noted under Gaming Account Breakdown section of Treasurr’s Report.
  • Is anyone interested in taking minutes in March??
  • FaceBook post from Gwen O’Connell: Looking for PAC support to coordinate largest food drive ever.  Date for event is Saturday, April 12.  Mike will check with staff.
  • Administration

Mr. Levesque

  • Grade 7 Night went very well!!!  Seats for 400, Attendance was 450!  2 Student Emcee’s.  Speakers from Grade 8 Program, Administration, 39 Teachers in attendance.  Kiosks were around the building.
  • Lieutenant Governor visit and It’s And Honour tour were well received.
  • Many Field Trips happening: Art Tour to Granville Island/Emily Carr, Holocaust Centre, Ski&Snowboard, etc.
  • Thursday, February 13: Parent-Student-Teacher Conferencing: 2-4 & 6-8.
  • ShawCable has mounted flat-screens  and connected Projector.  Students will be able to watch Olympics.

Ms. Fuhrmann

  • Satisfaction Survey will be available, with laptops, at Parent Conference on Thursday.
  • Course Selection books are out: Several photography classes, Anime class, Cinema&Television11French, Science8FRench (combine PE/Science: hike and collect samples)
  • FI Department proposal to get 30 iPads, to use within department.
  • ? FirstNations Socials: Get 4 credits for completing, Provincial exam for Socials, Gr12 elective, Can use to improve SS11 mark for GPA
  • ?Different Leaderships: In timetable (Gr9-11), Lunchtime/Out of Timetable (SrLevel)
  • ? Mr. Keenan’s FI Info Session to gather information on Parent Feedback: 3 groups of 8 people: long term goals, good ideas to improve program @ PITT, problems with program,..  All staff are looking into info and having discussions.
  • ?Gr7 Open House: FI is present.
  • ?Class Review: Staff invited to review current bell schedule/class length schedule.  Long-term review, for finalization in November 2014.  There will be an opportunity for parent input.
  • Collecting laptops for classes.  Will be adding Adobe.

Mr. Keenan

  • Getting tight on Study Blocks, students must enrol full time.  Allowing 1 study block for Grade 12’s.  All others must apply. See CourseSelection Booklet for more info.
  • Students wishing to transfer have great success if completing paperwork in February.
  • Field Trips: Noticing excellent behaviour from students.
  • ExtraCurricular Sports & Clubs is VERY BUSY!!  Admin coming out to support students.
  • Supreme Court decision on Teachers.  Anticipating changes.  Don’t know how funding will work with so many cuts already.

Open Forum:

  • ? Is it possible for Counsellors to counsel on ‘sport psychology’ issues, such as kids who don’t make the team, kids who get cut, do not know how to be motivated by feedback.  This issue was brought up last year, idea sounded good, but no progress has been noticed.  Some kids find this rejection very depressing, and show many levels of coping mechanisms, may not have anywhere to go.
  1. Do our counsellors have experience to help students with this?
  2. Is it possible to get the word out that students could find support for this.
  3. Possibly department/PAC presentation for interested students/families.
  4. Mr. Keenan will look into this.
  • ?What are the guidelines for students who skip school but show up for school sports?
  1. There isn’t a report to correlate this information.
  2. It is up to the Coaches and Teachers to identify problems and communicate.
  3. There is a strong expectation that academics are the priority and students who do not attend classes will sit out of games.  This recently happened on Lacrosse.
  • School Planning Council: 2 more meetings, need more parents, email mkeenan@sd42.ca .  Meet for dinner @ 4:30 before PAC meeting.
  • Next MEETING is March 3rd @ 6:30 pm, in the Library 

March PAC Meeting -CANCELLED

April PAC Meeting

Please take a look at the April 9th School Board Proposed Preliminary Budget.  They request your feedback!

March PAC meeting ,Monday, March 3, 2014 was cancelled

This month’s meeting is

Monday, April 7, 2014

6:30 pm

Library, 2nd Floor

If you haven’t been to a meeting this year, come on by; parents/guardians are ALWAYS welcome!

Guest Speakers: PITT Leadership: Veloria Scowan, Megan Snelgrove, Simonne Mikolay

  • Hall of Fame Website: Acknowledge past and present students & staff, inside and outside school, for doing great things!
  • Currently collecting photos and stories from students & teachers.
  • Future: Mid May- maintain website, teach younger Leadership students.
  • Consent forms will be used.
  • Send ideas to: pittleadershipclass@gmail.com
  • PITT Hall of Fame .com

Guest Speakers: Eleanor Palis & Sarah Nelson, our Pitt Meadows representatives on the School District 42 Board of Education.

  • They have some tough decisions to make with the amount of education dollars and increasing costs of education.
  1. Story from The News
  2. Story from The Times
  • Next Elections for School Board and Municipal Mayor and Council: 2014 voting date and term discussions are taking place.
  • PAC Presentation
  • What trustees do: locally elected, work with SD42 senior team, ask community questions, challenge ideas, listen to knowledgeable partner groups. Changed 80 policies in last term.  Supposed to be co-governing with Ministry of Education, but doesn’t always work.  Need to set annual budget, which is currently happening.
  • Committee work, biweekly meetings, evening meetings, district committees,
  • When parents should contact the board: offer feedback on local priorities, offer suggestions on facility review, offer budget solutions, stay informed/ attend public board meetings, request assistance when all other channels and processes are exhausted in school system.
  • Priorities: need to hear from parents (PAC), policy development & review, Long term Facilities Planning, innovative programs, addressing fiscal challenges, student achievement, hiring new superintendent.
  • Roadmap to Excellence 
  • Facilities Plan: look at community demographics (Verigard) to make decisions.
  • Notable Policies: Community/Commercial use of schools, inclusive schools, trustee code of conduct, safe caring schools.
  • Innovative Programs implemented: environmental school, online Kindergarten registration, parent portal, Wheelhouse program, Flex42, Three-Way conferences instead of letter/numeric grades.
  • Fiscal Challenges: $5.66M shortfall in 2013, similar for 2014 ($5.11M), covering negotiated wage settlements & hydro increases
  • Budget 2014: School Property Taxes cover only part of incoming money, the Province provides varying amounts.
  • PerStudent Funding: $3,315 (After Grade 10, funded by course, not head count) Spares really impact funding.
  • Supplemental Funding: Special Needs funding, English Language Learner, Aboriginal Ed, Adult Ed. – services programs in district, not for individual students.
  • Unique Districts: more funding for transportation, salary differential, etc.
  • 88-90% of District money goes to salaries and benefits for staff.
  • Enrollment predictions show a couple more years of decline in district before increase again.
  • This year losing about 100 FTE students in SD42.
  • SD42: Contingency Reserve 2.11 Million.
  • Grad Rate in SD42 are climbing (2nd highest in province).
  • Check back for a link to tonights presentation with this weeks budget announcements.

Chair Report

  • Drug Forum (see below)
  • Need someone to step up for PAC Secretary for next school year.  Elections coming up!! Executive is needed to receive Gaming Grant.


Mike Keenan

  • Centennial Committee Meetings: Centennial Gala April 25, Community Birthday Party April 24, Leadership Initiatives
  • ?Non Athletic PMSS Programs: clubs change annually depending on who is interested in participating and leading.
  • ?Sponsors in Schools: must be approved by district.
  • Basketball Banquet: Phenomenal 3 hour banquet.
  • Budget concerns: Mike going to 4th meeting this year.  Tried out 15% savings for each school, there will be big cuts coming.
  • This year PMSS is holding enrollment. Kids are being made to attend school in own catchment. Following year shows a slight decrease, which will affect custodial, vice principal, clerical, etc.
  • Senior Leadership: Invest in courtyard, launch with a barbecue in about 6 weeks.
  • 2014-15 Calendar is just being processed, PAC will receive at a future meeting.
  • Immersion Initiatives: funding is in, there will be some positive action.

Tom Levesque

  • District IT in today: Many teachers using technology every day, got together to go around PMSS and discuss upgrades needed in school.  Arts, digital media program: need high end technology. Programs are more interested in your digital internet presence, not so much your GPA & application.
  • IT Courses: Improve Yearbook computers, using 2004 era computers which slows process.
  • Other school issues involving technology: such as speakers in Multi-Purpose Room, hallway TV’s (structure there, just need simple upgrades).

Jen Furhmann

  • Deciding to cancel low enrollment classes earlier, balance classes before running through simulator, get a list of students who didn’t fit and use their alternate classes.  Last year only 50 students had a class that wasn’t their first choice.
  • Teacher preference for classes has gone out, this year we have about 250 sections (classes), each teacher does 7 classes every 2 days.
  • Singleton classes make things very difficult. i.e.. MathHonours can run when EnglishHonours, or FrenchImmersion,
  • Studies: difficult to police, lose funding, want well rounded learning experience,.  Gr 10 will have to request privilege and meet with Admin and parent.  Grade 12 get a study after GradTrans finishes.  Next year (2015-16 this process will include Grade 12’s meeting with Admin and parents to have a study).

Open Forum

Other (scroll down for more)

We are so lucky to have the Parent’s Drug Forum @ PMSS again!  Even if you don’t think your teen has a drug problem, you should attend!  It is an amazing, eye-opening presentation:


May PAC Meeting

As a parent or guardian of a PMSS Student

You are always welcome at our PAC Meetings!

6:30 pm


No fundraising!!!

Just information shared by our school community.  

Guest: Annika PolegatoAlouette Addictions – This agency works with addicted students and always brings current information.

  • Alouette Addictions is out-patient counselling, have been around for over 20 years.       DrugForum14
  • Work on referrals and ongoing supports to those.
  • Anyone can walk in the doors and see a counsellor.  No waiting list.  No cost.
  • You can choose a counsellor, there are 9 different ones.
  • Offer free group work or individual sessions.  Groups include: Anger Management, Sober Parenting, Women’s Only, Fun in Recovery, Zumba, Art or Music Therapy …
  • Use a variety of ways to work through issues.  Staying sober is the difficulty.  Need to learn how to socialize without alcohol and drugs; learn to reconnect with people who are not using.
  • Needle exchange program available: 12,000 needles first year, last year 18,000 needles. Keeps them away from parks and beaches.  Not spreading communicable diseases, requires fewer resources.  When someone comes in to get clean needles, they may make a decision for help.  Must meet with a counsellor to get needles.  [Must bring in dirty needles to get new ones].
  • 2 part time doctors to offer methadose (used to be methadone). 6 month wait list, not another physician available right now.
  • Counsellor for youth outreach in all SD42 schools.  Funding cuts leave only one full time person for all schools (7200 students) funded through Fraser Health.  Telus has provided funding for one extra day per week.
  • 1200 kids self-refered to counsellor in our district, that is 15% of kids in our schools.  They needed help for some incident: abusive boyfriend, eating disorder, home difficulties, date rape, etc.
  • Mandate 12 years and older, for our District.  Anonymous, private, free.
  • Treat user and those affected (parent, sibling, grandparent, etc): Childhood trauma, grief, marital problems, etc.
  • Need to get parents to attend Drug Forum – white picket fence doesn’t account for much when it comes to what teens are doing now.  Drug Clique will accept kids, no matter who they are.  Kids just want to have some friends.
  1. Partnership for Drug Free Canada Research:
  • Most teens started at 13 years.  80% admitted to trying drugs.  How many days in month have you used pot, 20/30 days.
  • Use of prescription drugs: 20% of teens used in last year, 75% stole from home.  (codeine, cough syrup, percocet, etc). Grandkids steal grandparents meds, and replace with other drugs.
  • Average age for child to be sexually active, experiment with drugs, and black out drunk is 12 years.
  • May 13, 6pm, Khatzie is holding the next Drug Forum. See info in the picture. All citizens of community are invited.
  • ?:  Need to get to kids in Grade 6 & 7:  DARE Program is not available.  Teachers must provide information.
  • ?: Culture of high schools for drug use:  Percentage of drug use is way higher than 20 years ago, increasing every year. Kids are seeing pot as legal and acceptable.  Marijuana (much more powerful, stronger, dangerous for brain than 20 years ago) is definitely a ‘gateway drug’.  Ecstasy (largely laced with Crystal Meth), drinking is very accepted.  Kids think they are knowledgable, but they aren’t.

 New Business

  • Score clock:  Football looking to get clock for south wall of school (cheaper than foundation on stand alone clock).  Supported at district level, parks and leisure, hoping for Rotary approval.
  • Athletics Fees:  Most high schools have a fee, in addition to any other team fees, for $25 for Athletics Administrative Account that goes back to teams for supplies, etc.  Athletes pay for services, not this type of fee.  Maximum of $50 per student if they play on more than one team.  SRT has been doing this for 9 years.
  • Elections: tabled.

Administration: Tom and Mike

  • Valedictorian Speeches and Grad Barbecue last week.
  • SuperG & Straight A recognition.
  • Track & Field boys to Toronto, then Fraser Valley Championships for entire team.
  • ICBC Speaker last week: impactful.  Heidi Cave 
  • Talent Show coming up, will be really good.
  • Iron Chef this week.
  • Next Tuesday evening: Gr7 and Parent Barbecue.  They return on May 28th for Grade 7 day.
  • May 23 @ 10 am. Ken Harar, Cycling4Diversity
  • May 21: Gr 11 Parents and Students pre-meeting for next year’s Grad.
  • May 22: Counsellor, Records Clerk & VP: Meeting about summer learning options.  NEW Offering (right now) May-July online summer learning.  There will be summer courses.
  • May 16: Golden Ticket Barbecue to recognize 80 or so students to go to random students.
  • Budget Report: SD42 website.  2 Admin positions for 2014-2015.  Every high school has 3 clericals, who will take turns manning front desk. Career Assistant also terminated, along with others in district.
  • Annual layoffs have occurred.  They are going to recall, or may come back in order of seniority.  Starting re-deploys. School is going from 950 to 900.  Projections show increases down the road.
  • Downloadable App for next year.  Push notifications, calendar, block rotations, etc. Student fee is not going up this year.  Schools using planners may increase fees.  $2000-3000 for App.
  • Special Ed funding and Counselling funding is also decreasing.
  • Less sections means teachers pick up ‘other’ blocks, out of their specialty.
  • Still cutting classes based on interest.  At 18-20 interest, to redistribute to alternate classes.  Must re-run numbers.

Open Forum

  •  Study Blocks: Grade 12’s permitted 1, Grade 11’s may apply in June and meet with parents and Admin.
  • We need to get website links into the Newsletter to get readers accessing all of the information on websites run in our school.
  • Attendance: we need to crack down on late comers and absenteeism.  Strict policies are being enforced.  Classroom interruptions are not going to be tolerated, they interrupt teaching and learning.  Teachers are being put in the position of reteaching subjects over and over as students arrive.
  • We need to get a GREAT parent speaker to engage parents in our school.

check back, there are a few more things…


June PAC Meeting

  • Check back for updates if school closures lead to changes in schedules...GOOD THING YOU CHECKED BACK!!!  Date Changed!!  Good thing you checked a third time….it has changed again!!!!  

Please plan to attend the last meeting of the school year

Tuesday, June 10th

6:30 pm

Library, 2nd floor

Open to next year’s Grade 8 Parents

  • We will definitely be talking about job action, strikes, Provincial Exams, report cards, and any other recent concerns of parents.
  • Check back for more information.

What you missed:

– School Planning Council met before this meeting.

– Teacher Magazine – BCTF Publication (click current issue)

Administration Report

  • Yearbooks out today and tomorrow.
  • Thanks for parent support and assistance through year.
  • Tom Levesque thanks everyone for his time @ PMSS
  • Assembly – Children of the Street Society – Grade 10//11 – Gang affiliation, understanding drugs, peer-to-peer online issues, child pornography, … Speakers were 2 young speakers, want to bring in next year.  Relatable to kids, hard hitting.  gang photo of about 60 people (all had J-jail or X-dead on face, except a few).  Non-profit organization.  Snapchat: 35 page agreement to check when you sign up.  Snapchat keeps all files, you gave permission.  Booked for September for 8/9, Debrief on spot to tailor to group.  Spring for 10’s.  Stagger to keep conversation going.  Powerpoint was professional.  Active reciting in schools in lower mainland for gang girls.  PAC will help fund the cost of 2014-15 speakers.
  • Assembly – Cycle for Diversity – Grade 8’s – Group that cycles around LowerMainland.  20 minute talk about diversity, awareness, understanding self and community.  One speaker was retired MEI Principal.
  • Ab Ed Awards: Excellent, at ACT, entertainment (Cree and Metis dancers).
  • Dry Grad & Prom: Tons of parent volunteers.  No issues at either event.
  • Tough time for school, teachers, support staff, administration.  June Newsletter coming out shortly.  This Friday could be last day in session, based on tonights vote results from BCTF.
  • Unique year with budget issues.  CUPE staff lay-off and bumping others.  PMSS is losing 11-12 staff members in lay-offs, redeploys.
  • Check provincial exam schedule on PMSS website, under STUDENTS tab
  • SPC plans for next year are being formulated for students and staff, along with our school and culture.
  • School is doing everything possible to have a strong finish to end of year.

Open Forum and Questions

  • iWeek: Is going ahead, must be invited by teachers.  Any student can come to class to bump up their standing.  B student wanting to bump to A.  Some districts have extended school year a week, not here.  We have built in this instructional time for students needing assistance.  Bell schedule Wednesday to Friday.
  • What Ifs: No school, Principals will make a decision about iWeek.  District may decide some scenarios, or Province.
  • Exam supervision: Provincials will run, maybe in gym.  Supervision from District and in-school staff.  No exams: Mark would be based on school mark.
  • Grad Ceremony Rehearsals are ongoing, as planned, on Wednesdays.
  • Check PMSS Site or SD42Site for updates.
  • Next Year’s school calendar will be published on the School site as soon as it is finalized.  Please be patient.
  • Talk about using ENCORP recycling @ PMSS.  Mr. Keenan will have Leadership look into this.
  • Grad 2015 dates will be posted on the site shortly.

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