Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions, things you may have wondered about, and bits of wisdom about the bigger picture at PMSS. This page is updated regularly AND the order is random and changes frequently.  If you have a topic you would like to see covered: please contact pmssmarauders@shaw.ca  Thanks!

This page contains dated information.  Check back for updates and current info.


Ways to keep in touch with school, you can’t use the excuse ‘no one told me’.  It is up to parents to link up.

  1. New School Website: online as of October 2014.
  2. Twitter – Follow PMSS on Twitter,  the news will be tweeted to your Twitter account.
  3. Pitt Meadows Secondary App (please see the pictures) – Please download the App to your smart phone.  Search for ‘pitt meadows secondary’ in your App program.  It should look similar to the picture on the left.  Once you have downloaded the App, you can set it up to look like the picture on the left, with your child(ren)s schedule, and colours and emoji if you are creative, if you want to know what their rotating schedule is, on different days.  The school has set up events, in blue, on the 4th line.  These events also include things important to parents, such as ‘interview days’, ‘report cards’, ‘ProD Days’, and ‘school closures’.  There is also the ‘push’ feature, which is great on the school site, as you will receive updates/reminders on school events, such as photo days. This App replaces the agenda that students would carry.  Therefore it includes information on school policies, code of conduct, etc.  The cost is included in the Student Fees paid in September.  It is a ‘Must Have’ for parents.
  4. Parent Portal – is found on the School District 42 site. Once connected, you will receive emails when there is an announcement related to your child in the school.  This could be for a field trip, a noted event at the school, or forms for parents.  This Portal also provides an option for payment so that parents may use their credit card for payment of fees related to the school.
  5. Autodialer – is a communication system with the school.  Please ensure that the school has your updated contact information (cell phone and/or home phone and email).  This system is also used to provide broad alerts, but also individual information, such as for those students who are skipping school.  The system will create an email along with leave a message at your chosen phone number.  If there is a chance that your student(s) may access and erase these messages, for example if they are missing classes, or your significant other might hang up on the messages, then ensure the school knows which contacts you privately hold.
  6. Follow Button – On the bottom right corner of each page (of the school website, PAC website, Marauders website, etc) you will see a button that says ‘follow’, click that, add your email, and you will be notified every time a change is made to the website HomePage, you are on.
  7. Teacher Websites, Sport Team Websites, Social Media Sites: Check this site and the PMSS site for links to other related sites you might be interested in.  Some Teachers and Teams have their own webpages and social media pages.
  8. Email and Marks Websites: All Teachers and Staff have email, and some use Marks websites that you can check at any time.  Email addresses are listed on the school website and your child’s Teacher can advise you if they use a Mark Website, and how to access it.


Grade 8 Survival Guide: Check here for information for students new to PMSS.

GradTrans12 & Planning10 Resources from B.C. Government

  • workbc.ca – integrated online career information portal, with job search function
  • careertrekbc.ca – 52 videos of popular jobs in BC and much more information.
  • bcjobtrendtracker.ca – Interactive tool for exploring B.C. job statistics.
  • buildacareer.ca – Smartphone app with details of 520 careers and related education, salaries, prospects
  • careerexplorers.ca – 3D video game that lets you explore career options in BC.
  • bossyourselfbc.ca – Smartphone app to challenge yourself on what it takes to own a successful business.

Emergency Procedures @ PITT 

Special Education (SPED) @ PITT

AIM Program

Work Experience / Volunteer Experience

  • To graduate, all students need 30 hours of paid or volunteer work experience, as a requirement of Grad Transitions 12.  However, as part of Planning 10, teachers encourage students to get this completed sooner, as life gets much busier later!
  • When students complete more hours, they can accumulate up to 100 hours for a Work Experience (WEX) Credit.  At PMSS, most WEX students are in Grade 10.
  • WEX opportunities are on the Career Centre website, posted on school bulletin boards, and in daily announcements.

Math Program

Course Planning

PMSS Compost Program

Parents/Adults/Students Driving Students: 

  • Anyone who drives students to field trips, sporting events or for other reasons, must have a Driver’s Abstract on file at PMSS.
  • Links are on the PMSS site 
  • In instances where the driver is from out of province (non-custodial parent, relative, family friend), they must contact the provider in their home province or state to get a driver’s abstract and follow the instructions on the school sites to get that information faxed to the school office.
  • Driver’s Abstracts are good for two years, with the requirement that any infractions in the meantime be reported to the school.

Driver Training: you may remember having driver trainng in your school as a teenager.  Driver training is optional and completed outside of school time, in our district.  Some courses offer 2 credits towards graduation, so be sure to look around. 

AcademiesThe schools in SD 42 offer many different options to students with interests in specific sport development, starting career specific learning, and much more.  In many cases, students may stay enrolled at Pitt Meadows Secondary School, and be bused to and from the different schools for the academies.  You do not need to move catchment areas or transfer schools.  Please review the links below if you are interested. Speak with PMSS staff and counselors and contact the individuals identified in the brochure.

Graduation Requirements

‘Other Grad events’ @ PITT

  • In 2014, PMSS took over the name PROM @PMSS.  Since then, the unsanctioned ‘other spring event’ has used different names.  PMSS coordinates a Graduation Ceremonies, a Grad Dinner, and a Dry-Grad; all well-run and popular events.  However each year, an adult, parent or other, steps up to host a ‘different event in the spring’.  This event is not sanctioned by PMSS or the School District, and actually takes away from the regular events, while costing parents and students extra money.  Since there have been ‘problems’ related to ‘other event’ in the past, there can be severe legal ramifications for the individual who signs on to ‘host’ the event, in the litigious society we live in.  Parents thinking of hosting the prom, along with students and friends thinking of attending the prom, should weigh the benefits of the event and the potential harm to future grad events at PMSS.


  • Check back for current year

Spares & Study Blocks – changed for 2015-16.  Check back for more info

Mr. Keenan’s Page: Click Here

Homework @ PMSS

Mr. Dickson’s Blog – March 28, 2011   update – April 6, 2011 (links in Mr. Dickson’s Blog)

Social Studies @ PITT

  • Parent Notes from Mr. Rosatti’s visit to PAC March Meeting 

English Department @ PITT

PITT Reads & Library

Technology @ PITT – updates every year…please check back

Awards Ceremony – September, each year  There are two ceremonies, one done as an assembly during school hours, and one in the evening for parents. Only certain classes count towards the awards calculation.

  • The evening awards ceremony is for parents.  It highlights the top awards at the school, for example the top mark, by grade level, for math, science, english, socials, etc.  Any other award given out, will be highlighted.  Parents who should attend, will be sent an invitation by mail.
  • The daytime assembly highlights the same awards, plus students who receive academic honours (ie. first class honours) will be identified.  Certificates for large groups of students will be given out later.  [Many students get first class honours (A average in eight classes), so their name is called, they may stand up, but they don’t come forward.]

Award Criteria @ PITT – see current Student Planner for up-to-date information

  • Honour Roll is calculated following each term.
  • GPA is based on this scale: A=4, B=3, C+=2.5, C=2, C-=1
  • Term Calculations
  1. First Class Honours: GPA – 3.6 to 4.00
  2. Honourable Mention: GPA – 3.0 – 3.59
  • Year End Calculations award 2 points/term for First Class Honours & 1 point/term for Second Class Honours.  4-6 points = Academic Honours Certificate & 2-3 points = Honourable Mention Certificate
  • Super G Certificate – Students who receive a ‘G’ rating in each course
  • Straight A Certificate – Students who receive an ‘A’ in each course
  • Grade 11 Silver Pin Award – Must receive Academic Honours Certificate in every grade from Grade 8 – 11.
  • Grade 12 Gold Pin Award – Must receive Academic Honours Certificate in every grade from Grade 8 – 12.

Sports @ PITT

  • All sports are coached by volunteers.  Even if they take place during school hours, one must remember, no employee is required to run sport activities, other than gym classes.  The person coaching, can, at any time, decide not to coach.  Be appreciative and respectful!
  • The Administration oversees all decisions on community or parent coaches.  If anyone is interested in coaching, please contact the Principal.
  • PMSS follows regulations set out by B.C. School Sports in relation to seasons of play, competition level (A,AA,AAA), recruiting, and so forth. If you are unfamiliar with regulations at the high school sport level, please check their website: BC School Sports Rules and Regulations Handbook.  Their rules are incredibly specific, even detailing conversations parents can and can not have.
  • Different sports teams and individuals compete at different levels.  Highly competitive sports, require highly competitive players.  Though it would be nice if everyone could play, it is not reality.  Students seeking a higher level of sport, for scholarships and so forth; need opportunities for challenge.  Where and when possible, recreational opportunities are provided for youth sport, such as Intra-Murals and Recreational Teams.  The opportunity to have more teams, more sports, and more opportunities, are limited by the facilities and individuals available to coach and organize.  To change the system, become positively involved!

Emergency Procedures @ PITT 


Fireworks and Firecrackers are basically illegal in Pitt Meadows

  • Pitt Meadows Fire Works Bylaw CLICK HERE – It is illegal for a minor to be in possession of a fire works/firecrackers, it is illegal for an adult to give fireworks/firecrackers  to a minor,  and any person requires a permit to use them.
  • Penalties are up to $10,000.00 in fines or 6 months in jail. Fires started by fireworks cost the instigator $300/hour and $30/fire fighter.
  • Bringing them to school will result in a fine, suspension, or both.

Drugs & Alcohol @ PITT

  • Drugs, Alcohol, users and abusers  are at PMSS, just like every other high school, possibly to a lower extent than other schools.  High schools are a reflection of our society.  This means that people may be stoned or intoxicated or dealing drugs at the school.  It is wise to educate your children on drugs and alcohol so that they can make choices that reflect your family values.
  • Parent observations and Notes from the Thomas Haney Drug Forum are on the Reality Check page.  Forums are usually held each year in the District.
  • Abuse of these items can start in elementary school, so it is not uncommon to find students in Grade 8-12 involved in them.
  • Any parent, student, teen or adult can report information on drugs and alcohol use to the school, confidentially (Administration or counsellors). If you have any questions, contacting Admin or Counsellors will help you find answers.
  • There is a drug counsellor on site, three times per week.  All offenders are booked in with her, currently Tammy.
  • Anyone investigated for use of drugs at school will be sent home.
  • There is no identifier of which kids do drugs, it could be any sex, age, or intelligence level.
  • Lockers are the property of the school and can be searched at any time.
  • Police will be called when appropriate.

Counsellors @ PMSS – Website (for students and parents)

  • Counsellors have spoken at PAC meetings in the past.  We have some very impressive individuals working to support our teens @ PMSS.  Their contact information is on the Counsellor’s page on the PMSS website.
  • Any student needing help, or their parent, friend, fellow student, or other adult; may confidentially provide information the the counselling department to get help for a student, group of students, or situation. This could be absolutely any situation: attendance, family problems, cutting, drugs, alcohol, school marks, etc.  Please contact a counsellor if you have questions and see what they have to say.
  • Counselling will be done in a way appropriate for the situation (individual, group, two groups brought together,…)
  • Results of counselling are not always provided to parents.  If you have concerns about your child, please contact the counsellors for guidance or suggestions on how to deal with the issues.  They may also be able to advise on alternative services.  You are always welcome to book appointments privately with public or private agencies.
  • Why wouldn’t a counsellor tell parents about a problem with your child?  Some issues are very much within the teens ability to resolve.  Some issues require great discretion, so that information may be attained and solutions found, without the ‘threat’ of what ‘might happen at home’. Counsellors will use their discretion to do what is best for the teen and resolution of the problem.  These are professionals with links to many community and school/district based resources.  Again, if parents want to deal with issues on their own, they are welcome to do so.
  • There are some great new resources for parents and students in the right side-bar of this page: PMSS Counselling website, Speak Up and Erase Bullying.  Please check them out!

Parents – Resolving Conflicts – The School Act provides parents with the legislated right to work with the school to provide the best opportunities available for their child.  Please read the link for more information.

Automated Electronic Defibrillator @ PITT – We were fortunate to receive an AED in 2011.  Find information here.  Since then, we have received a second AED for the other end of the school!




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