Reality Check

This is your Wake Up Call!  

The hub for information most parents don’t want to know about, or would never believe their child would be involved in.  This page is actually directed at every parent in the school, even those who pay attention, …because some times the little things slip our attention or even the ‘good kids’ are doing it.  And most definitely all kids are getting tagged in ways that link them to those associated with what is below.

Urban Dictonary – not sure what the slang or abbreviations are in your child’s world…..CLICK HERE….You will find yourself on the page for the word ‘clean‘, but will soon find that most things in this dictionary are anything but clean.  Type in any abbreviation, word, or phrase and get a 21st century view of your child’s world.

Most of the links to articles had expired.  Check back for updated articles.


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